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Let's get you WORKING


- How do I make a living playing music?
- What does it mean to be a "sideman"?
- How can I use social media to get gigs?
- Do I need to live in a city like Los Angeles?
- How do I find auditions?
- How do I properly prepare for an audition?
- How do I dress the part?
- I got the gig, now what?
- What's a fair rate for touring musicians?
- How do I negotiate my rate?
- What gear do I need to own?
- What's it like living on a tour bus?
- Do I need endorsements?
- Do I need to own in-ear monitors?
- How do I dial in an in-ear mix live?
- I get so nervous, how do I relax more on stage?
- What warm-ups should I be doing?
- How do I start recording music from home?


 In-person & Zoom lessons


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